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I Am Speaking To You…

Forough Farrokhzad (52)

“I am speaking to you-
from the edge of darkness,
and about the depths of night.
I reach out to you
from the thick layers of absolute shade.
If you are coming to visit me,
then bring me a torch,
and put up for me
a little window.
I will then watch-
the noisy crowd of the happy lane.”

Forough Farrokhzad

Silence Is Full Of The Unspoken


“The wind sings of our nostalgia
and the starry sky ignores our dreams.
Each snow flake is a tear that fails to trickle.
Silence is full of the unspoken ,
of deeds not performed,
of confessions to secret love,
and of wonders not expressed.
our truth is hidden in our silence ,
yours and mine.”
                            Margot Bickel