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Parvin Pooya

-January-March 2016, Finding Yourself, Kimmel Gallery, New York University.


-Fall 2014, Celebrating Cultures around the World, Hosted by Tea Haunt Canvas!


-Freedom Dreams: We Belong Here, Feb 20, 2014

Feb 20, 2014 the opening reception for “We Belong Here” an art exhibit celebrating the lives and artwork of professional immigrant artists. Originating from many different countries, their work is featured in the new book published by Hartford Library, Freedom Dreams: We Belong Here; and cover is My Son’s Prehistory by Parvin Pooya from Iran.

-Celebrating Digital Cinema at Cinestudio November 16, 2013, Sponsor by Tea Haunt Canvas

-Abstracts on Wood by Chris Brent


Exhibition: TEA Haunt Canvas, September 6 – September 13, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7, 6-8 PM




    -Celebrating Digital Cinema at Cinestudio October 27 2012, Sponsor by Tea Haunt Canvas



Parvin Pooya’s exhibit, “Beyond Reality” fills Mather with color







-Tea Haunt Canvas at Food Schmooze CT Martini Competition! June 28th 2012!


-Poetry Night – May 25th 2012 6pm-9pm
Discussion about an Iranian philosopher, astronomer and poet, Omar Khayyam (1048-1123CE) who discussed lots of crucial questions of existence in his Rubaiyat( His poetry book).
-Violin Night – June 22 2012 6pm-9pm
The night that only Violins, amateurs or experts, talk to each other.
-Line & Shape Night – July 27 6pm-9pm
Discussion about these two formal elements of painting; and their deferent qualities and feelings
-Qualities of Chromic Colors – August 31 6pm-9pm
The night for discussion of warm color and cold color, complementary colors and their saturation and qualities in our art work and daily life.
-Qualities of Achromatic – September 28th 6pm-9pm
The roles of white, black and gray in our art works.
-Balance & Composition Night – October 26th 6pm-9pm
Discussion about these formal elements as the create order or disorder for having artistic environment and art.
-Naturalistic Realistic Style – November 30 6pm-9pm
Description and distinction of each style that helps us to read art works by their own alphabets in museums or any other places.
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